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What we do ?

  • Individual credit advice

Our mortgage experts offer individual credit advice covering your risk tolerance and ability level, insurance concerns as well as managing formalities related to the purchase of a home.

  • Analysis of existing financing structures

Our seasoned experts will help you simplify your financing structures by evaluating the current financing set-up, including with third-party banks, and providing suggestions for change.

  • Property appraisals

Our experts offer real estate valuation advice and solutions. This way, you will make sure that the price of a given real estate is justified, and just how good a renovation investment will be. Our network also offers the option of contacting experts or receiving feedback from third parties at any time.

  • Negotiation assistance

We will provide you with an analysis of current price and market developments in the real estate market, as well as a realistic valuation for the property being purchased or sold, in order to create the best conditions for successful buying and sale negotiations.

  • Tax issue support

Our team will advise you on all tax-related issues including tax deductions, rental income , expenses and the purchasing or selling of your house.

  • Assistance with legal questions

Our network of internal and external specialists will carry out plausibility tests on purchasing and selling deals, as well as offer assistance and advise on legal concerns relating to real estate transactions and acquisitions.

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