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Acknowledgment / Declaration

I/We expressly agree and accept to be bound by the conditions which I/We hereby acknowledge and confirm having read and understood and also agree to be bound by any modification or variation thereof which may be made from time to time at the discretion of the A&NBK Finance Services.

I/We declare that the particulars given in this agreement contract are accurate , true , complete and correct in all respects and I/We have note withheld any information .

I/We will advise A&NBK Finance Services in writing in the event of any change in my / our circumstances in the period between the application and date of the approval.

I/We agree that A&NBK Finance Services reserves the right to reject this application without providing any reason whatsoever and the application and its supporting documents will be no returned to me / us

I/We have read and understand acknowledge and agree that A&NBK Finance Services may refer to my / our name to any credit bureau or reference agency/agencies and/or make such reference and inquiries to any third party as A&NBK Finance Services may consider necessary.

I/We undertake not to raise any objection challenge or defines whatsoever against what has been undertaken and agreed to by me/us in this undertaking.

In the event A&NBK Finance Services files legal action for recovery of the liabilities outstanding due to A&NBK Finance Services, all expenses / court fees incurred by A7NBK Finance Services shall be recoverable from the second party.

I/We have read , understood , acknowledge and agree that A&NBK Finance Services my refer my/our name and / or any personal data required to any credit bureau or reference agency/agencies and /or make such references and enquiries as A&NBK Finance Services may consider necessary .

The parties hereby confirmed the addresses show for each in this agreement are the addresses to each all correspondence and notices should be sent unless one party informs the other party in writing of a change address .

A&NBK Finance Services shall maintain the confidentiality of the second party’s information and non-disclosure of information’s to third parties unless within the limits of the law.

I/We declare and hereby confirm to pay all the charge fees, commission and expenses due to A&NBK Finance Services.

I/We understood, acknowledge and agree that all the charge fees for A&NBK Finance Services are not refundable.